Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A local Portland business recently booked a 48 passenger charter bus for an employee team outing to Eugene. The group wanted to visit the Cascades National Park for a day of hiking and sightseeing. Since the park is about 2 hours outside of Portland, they decided that a charter bus would be the best option to transport the 25 person group together. They booked the bus for the entire day, departing from Portland at 8am and returning at 8pm. This gave them a full 12 hours to explore the park. The total cost for the charter bus rental was $2,400. This included the 12 hour rental and 200 miles of driving. It came out to around $96 per person. With the charter bus, the group was able to maximize their time exploring the beautiful Cascades together. They didn’t have to worry about driving or parking. And it was an affordable way to plan the perfect company outing.


Example #2

A group of friends is planning a bachelor party in downtown Portland. They want to spend the day bar hopping and checking out the city’s breweries. To keep the group together and provide safe transportation, they decide to rent a 20 passenger party bus for 10 hours from 10AM to 8PM. The hourly rate for a 20 passenger bus on a Saturday in peak season is $130 per hour. For 10 hours, their total rental cost comes to $1,300. On top of that, they decide to add a 15% tip for their friendly and professional team, bringing their grand total to $1,495. Rather than driving themselves and paying for parking and Ubers all day, the party bus provides a fun and safe way for the whole group to experience Portland together. With room for 20 guests, the price per person is only around $75.


Example #3:

A local Portland tech startup wants to reward its employees with a fun day trip to the Oregon Coast. They decide to book a charter bus rental for a Saturday in July to take their team of 30 people from their Portland office to Cannon Beach. The charter bus picks them up at 9am in downtown Portland and makes the 90 minute drive out to the coast. The group spends the day enjoying the beach, browsing the cute coastal shops, and eating dinner at a nice seafood restaurant before the charter bus brings them back to Portland, dropping them off at 8pm. For the 11 hour rental of a 30 passenger charter bus, the total cost comes to $1,650 plus an 18% tip of $297 for exceptional service. The all-inclusive price made it easy to plan a fun employee bonding experience without having to worry about logistics or parking.


Example #4:

A college student group from Eugene decided to take a day trip to Portland for spring break. They wanted to visit some of Portland’s famous breweries, explore the food carts, and check out the shops in the Pearl District. With over 50 students looking to make the trip, they needed a reliable and cost-effective transportation option. They decided to rent a 56 passenger charter bus from us for the day. The 150 mile round trip plus 8 hours for exploring worked out to be $1,820. With 50 passengers splitting the cost, it came out to only $36 per person. Much more affordable than driving separately or taking the train. The large charter bus allowed the whole group to stay together and not have to worry about parking or driving around an unfamiliar city. It was the perfect transportation option for their Portland spring break adventure, allowing them maximum flexibility at a reasonable price.


Example #5:

A group of 20 friends from Beaverton want to celebrate a 30th birthday by chartering a party bus for a night out in Portland. They need transportation for the entire group starting at 8PM on a Saturday night to take them to dinner downtown, followed by bar hopping, and ending at 2AM. For a 20 passenger party bus rented on a weekend night in Portland from 8PM to 2AM, which is 6 hours total, the quote would be $1,260. The birthday group could even upgrade to a high end party bus with leather seats, rgb neon lights, and a premium sound system for only $140 more, totaling $1,400. With 20 people splitting the cost, this works out to only $70 per person for a safe, fun, and convenient night out on the town to celebrate their friend’s big milestone birthday.

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